Prose and Prosody

A serial fiction archive by Chris Rodriguez.


Prose and Prosody is a serial fiction website.

On a (semi-) regular basis, I upload short-form fiction to this site. The little pieces, when taken together, tell a bigger story. Once some of the stories are finished, I hope to publish them somewhere after cleaning them up a bunch and formatting them as one big story instead of many little episodic ones.

If You are familiar with webcomics at all, it’s a very similar idea. I hope to improve at my craft along the way, too, as many webcomic artists/writers do, and I also hope that someone will be interested in reading these someday (but, I’m mostly doing this because I find personal value in creating these stories).

I started Prose and Prosody a few years ago as a little side project that fell by the wayside when things got rough in my life. It’s 2018, I’m starting anew, and I want to do this thing again. Things will be slow until I can build up a bit of a buffer (if I had a nickel everytime I’ve read that sentence online, right?) but hopefully I can keep a fairly regular schedule.