Prose and Prosody

A serial fiction archive by Chris Rodriguez.

The Archive

Date Code Title
2018-02-26 IDS01 Graduation
2016-01-25 SFP01 An Odd Feeling
2016-01-18 KKV01 The Cage Dweller
2016-01-11 KED03 Seeking the Hidden
2016-01-04 SMS03 Investigative Disbelief
2015-12-09 MBD01 Madeleine Fare
2015-09-04 BꜶD02 System Failure?
2015-08-28 GAM03 Sabrine Mon Marion
2015-08-21 PNU01 Judith Richter
2015-08-15 SaD02 Home, Free Home
2015-08-08 KED02 Ysvelten Dezbana
2015-08-04 SMS02 Debra O’Vale
2015-06-14 MVB01 Flashing Destiny
2015-05-08 GAM02 Xiska in Castlegate
2015-04-25 LOE01 Genera, ph. I-XX
2015-04-18 BꜶD01 Alone in Detainment
2015-03-30 GAM01 Xiska’s Travels
2015-03-26 SaD01 The Singer and the Thief
2015-03-17 KED01 Scrawled on Page 223
2015-03-13 SMS01 Geoff Leone