Prose and Prosody

A serial fiction archive by Chris Rodriguez.

Geoff Leone

[SMS] #01 A man is introduced through his morbid inner musings one busy and fateful night. 318 Words, ~1:36 on average Published on 2015-03-13 14:10:16 -0400

It was so long ago that I left home,
That in the time that's passed I have become
A stronger, wiser, and forgetful man.
While hardships have instilled within me strength,
and wisdom came from all of my misdeeds,
I'd trade them both for all my memories.

It seemed so good a trade: my memories
(the hatred of my past fam'ly and home)
would die so that, once free, I could become
a learned man, who'd fight against misdeeds
and who'd stand up to all who'd threaten man.
But in that trade, I lost my greatest strength.

Just how could what I have now be called strength?
When deeds I've done be stripped from memories:
both mine and those within the common man,
And when at last, at night, I return home
I lose myself again to those misdeeds
I'd hated most. Oh what have I become?

Depravity is something to become
those who rely on brutal force and strength.
I now suppose that, due to my misdeeds
Depraved is how I sit in memories
and though I try to curb myself at home
I'm now at odds with each woman and man.

To them, I'm just a sick and twisted man
who tries at night to make others become
like him. And then, to lead them to my home
so I can steal their hopes and gain their strength.
It's this alone that lasts in memories,
and this is the extent of my misdeeds.

It's true, I think, that I once fought misdeeds...
But now I prey upon woman and man.
As ev'ry day fades from my memories,
The nights enpower what I have become.
I hope someday someone will have the strength
to send me to the grave outside my home.

For now, I will become filled with misdeeds,
"You'll let me have Your strength, won't You, my man?"
Your faded memories will be my home.