Prose and Prosody

A serial fiction archive by Chris Rodriguez.

The Story Code

I go into more detail here about my reasonings behind some of the guidelines below, if something doesn’t make sense. I’m working on explanations for the rest.

  1. Beauty is Mundane. / Real Life is Magical.
  2. Everyone can be Anything.
  3. Every Aspect of Life is Beautiful, but Don’t Stop And Stare.
  4. Be Inclusive, and be respectfully inclusive.
  5. Torment isn’t Character Growth.
  6. Friendship is More Important than Romance.
  7. Failure to Succeed is not Impotence, but Imprecision.
  8. Spoilers Shouldn’t be able to Ruin the Story.
  9. Clichés and Tropes are no Substitute for Character and Style.
  10. Keep the Story Fun to Experience.